Impressions of the visit to Estonia and Latvia: Damian from Namur

With some friends from ESA, we had the chance to participate to the European project « Beats » which allowed us to discover Estonia and Latvia. The purpose of it was to use and improve our English skills. I can say now that the goal is reached. Without this project, I wouldn’t have had the idea to visit these two Baltic countries. But now, I really want to go there during the summer this time.

The activities that I really appreciated were the company visits that we had the opportunity to realize. Especially the visit of “PipeDrive” and “Identity” because they were connected to my marketing field. Indeed, the first one commercialized “CRM” tools and the second one created identity for the creation of companies. As I am going to present my TFE project in a few months, those visits were useful because I had the opportunity to make some links with it.

What really attracted me about these companies was their business culture. Indeed, they offered to their employees many relaxing spaces. Such as a bedroom, bathroom, kitchens or other relaxing rooms. It’s for these kinds of companies that I would like to work.

Damien M.