First day in Namur, by the Bruges team

Hello everyone!
The team from Bruges were given the assignment to tell something about the first day in Namur.

On Monday morning, May 14, we left Bruges early in the direction of Namur. Around 9:30 am we arrived at the Atheneum of Namur where we were warmly welcomed by Ms Marie Demazy.
We met all other participants from different countries in a classroom. It was nice to see some acquaintances we had met in Estonia and Latvia.

After we wished everyone a good morning, it was time for each country to introduce its participants.

Everyone gave a short presentation in powerpoint.
Afterwards, goodie bags and souvenirs were distributed and it was time for lunch in a restaurant in Namur.

After the lunch, we returned to the school where we were divided into groups. The assignment was to start a business, which we had to present on Tuesday.

That is how our first day in Namur ended. It was the start of an exciting week.

Inge, Fien , Wim and Peter