The BEATS Project for me by Alfonso from Spain

The Spanish team
I remember that day leaving my English class and saw that poster (Erasmus + Program, Beats) and felt a great interest in learning more and there was Maria to give me more information and feel still more interested. Then we were ready to start this adventure of learning and fun.

We started the lessons and without realizing the mobility to Mieres was there and we had the important task of being the first hosts in a week that was going to become unforgettable. We started with some problems, but we surpassed ourselves and we went ahead trying to make the stay of our international mates as good as we could.

And the end of the week arrived, and the moment of the sad farewell, because despite the short time, a great friendship was created among the participants.
Friends in Mieres
Beaters in Requejo Square, in Mieres

And the year continued and we had to continue learning and practising to be good BEATERS, and suddenly February arrived and the time to prepare things for the trip to Estonia and Latvia, in which my mates learned and enjoyed a lot, despite the cold. And again in Spain, exchanging what was learned and learning something new, it was time for the last mobility and also the time to put into practice what was learned.
We went to Namur with a fixed goal, improving ouEnglishsh and our skills, and also meet new people and see familiar faces again. At first, some of us were afraid about how to deal with nerves, others embarrassment, the thing of sleeping away from home, and we also had in mind the several problems we could have, but all this disappeared to allow us to enjoy what would become another unforgettable week.
And we started the week with a desire to meet our new mates and get down to work and so we did: we prepared startups, visited companies, made presentations, learnt and immersed ourselves completely in Belgian politics and culture, and how not to enjoy the city and the company, but everything has an end and this one for me arrived too early.

A typical spot in Namur

And finally, now in our home, it is time to look back and review all the project, all the things we learnt, all the friends we made and all the good memories that come to our mind. And it is also time to thank everyone that has made this project something unique and that I am sure we will remember for the rest of our lives.

Thank you very much guys, coordinators, teachers and others! We got the goals and very good friends!

Alfonso Trapiella CaƱedo