Mobility to Mieres: Day 3 in Avilés

Wednesday, 22nd November 2017

Day 3

On Tuesday we found out that they cancelled the visit to Pola del Acero in Aviles (Cluster of steel companies in Asturias). We started our program at 11am when the bus picked us up in front of the residence and took us to Avilés. As we knew that it was our task to write today’s report on a blog we decided to start a day by giving everyone Croatian chocolate

After a half hour ride, we reached Aviles Port. The visit began at the conference hall where we met the director of the Port. After the reception, we made a bus tour through the docks of both banks of the estuary. They have shown us the capacity of the Port’s activities. As the citizens of a port city, we were amazed by capacity and position of the Aviles Port in comparison with Rijeka’s port.

After this amazing sightseeing, we had lunch in Darsena restaurant.

To stretch our legs after lunch, our Spanish colleagues showed us most beautiful parts of this charming and vigorous city with a special atmosphere. We had some free time to roam the city by ourselves, drink coffee or buy souvenirs. We were surprised to stumble upon the shell of pilgrimage of the road to Santiago de Compostela

When we all gathered in front of a bus at 18:30h we started our trip back to Residence in Mieres

Thanks to our Spanish hosts, we had another wonderful and exciting day.

The Croatian team