Mobility to Namur: Last Day by the Estonian Team

All BEATS Namur mobility students, BEATS coordinators and English teachers gathered in the nice and comfortable conference room for the end of project conference. In addition, this conference was attended by ESA students, teachers, representative of “FIVE” among others.
The BEATS Project main coordinator Marie Demazy introduced the agenda for the conference and opened the day with a nice welcome speech. After the opening words, it was time to summarize the week in Namur and to say thanks to everybody who have been involved in the whole BEATS project and have made it possible to hold it in Belgium, Latvia, Spain, Croatia and Estonia.
Carine Deschamps , who is the school principal of ESA, also thanked everyone. She was particularly grateful to the companies who helped to bring Namur mobility to a successful conclusion.

We learned more about the possibilities and size of the ERASMUS+ program. We saw two interesting videos about ERASMUS+ program. We were told how the BEATS program started in 2015, how project leaders (who are also teachers and coordinators) from different countries came together to Belgium to agree on project principles and develop a program, which were implemented together in 2016-2018. The basic principles of the project were better English language skills, transferable skills and lifelong learning. It was also important for project managers to use the digital platform and mobility programs.
Teachers and coordinators shared their experiences and challenges they faced in the project. Some of the positive thing what they pointed out was the good cooperation between 21 English teachers from different countries. It was great to hear how well all project goals were achieved in the BEATS project. The biggest challenge for them was to find companies that students could visit in different countries in mobility programs. We, students, appreciate company visits as a very important part of the program and we are thankful for these possibilities.
We like also that English language learning materials and program information remain available for the modular environment for five years.

At the end of the conference, we had a nice walking lunch and the diplomas were also awarded to us for completing the program.

Carine Deschamps gave us a gift with Belgian chocolate and Bister mustard. Then it was time to say goodbye and get on the way back home.

The Estonian team in Namur in May 2018:
Margit Kuhi ( coordinator)
Helje Mendel
Kristina Mahoni
Helen Link