Day two in Namur, by the Croatian team

The second day, on Tuesday 15th May 2018, we went to visit the business incubator “Five Digital Village”.

In the morning, we had the opportunity to admire several speakers about their start-up companies and the story about the very beginning of their successful business.

Moreover, we listened to the speech of the Director of the Belgian Foundation for Young Enterprises and received all the details of the support that they are providing to young people that want to build a start-up company.

After a lunch break, we were supposed to present our start-up ideas thought in four groups the day before.

We met professionals from several fields - finance, graphic and design, marketing and consultants. They did not hesitate to help us and highlight all the details that we should look up when starting up a business.

Full of inspiration and advice, we went back to the city centre of Namur and decided to rent bikes with the Spanish team.

The Croatian Team