Day Three in Namur, by the Spanish team

Wednesday. Around Belgium in a few hours

Some people believe in magic, meanwhile others only in what they see. But there is no doubt that everybody in the world has the power of imagination. And, whilst Jules Verne was able to travel around the world in eighty days, BEATS members did almost the same throughout Belgium, but in a single one.

Our flight took off in front of the hostel, where we were disseminated to different cars to “explore” different kind of companies. From the amazing visit to an archaeological dig to the useful view of how Social Services of Wallonia work, passing by the world of foreign trade, each group went out carrying their own expectations and came back with the responsibility of spreading the knowledge they acquired with the rest of the explorers. But that would be a task for the following day.

At noon, during a break for lunch, we all had the opportunity to exchange visions, opinions and experiences. But it was not the time for landing. Not yet. A couple of surprises were still waiting for us.

After a nice walk (all walks are in Namur), we arrived at a gorgeous place located on the other side of the river: L’Elysette. For a while, we forgot the highly complicated politics of Belgium, though we were immersed in the centre of the power of Wallonia. That palace, surrounded by a little but cosy garden by one side and the river by the other one, involved us in such a different atmosphere, that all what we listened were easily absorbed.

Coming back to the centre of the city, the landing track appeared when we went out from the Province Palace. Something else to learn, and the feeling of being like a politician, when they allowed us to sit in the same places than them.

But, does it mean that the day had ended? Obviously, it hadn’t. Spread by the streets and squares of Namur, all of us enjoyed (for the third day in a row) our free time in that dream city.

José Ramón, Andrea y Alfonso