Day four in Namur, by the Latvian Team

Day 4 of the BEATS project.

Some of us probably had begun to start longing for their family and home. Some may have started to feel the coming parting, as the project closes on Friday.

Thursday could already be considered the last day of the mobility, so it's very good that the day began with teamwork preparing presentations about the experience in the companies and institutions visited on Wednesday.

It was joint work in groups the same as we were together on Wednesday. It inspired us all for an active day! A great challenge was to brainstorm and share roles in preparing presentations, but everything was great. It was necessary to concentrate and prepare information in short time. After that, each group shared their impressions on what they saw and heard on Wednesday.

The task was not easy for at least two reasons, in our opinion. First of all, there had to be a skill to work with a power point. Secondly, we had to be able to focus our thoughts in order to remember the most important information and do structured storytelling.

A great challenge was to brainstorm and share roles in preparing presentations, but everything was great - all groups performed the task in time. We did a great job together and got a lot of new information. It was fun!

And we earned some extra time for relaxing, and after lunch, we could use our free time and walk through the narrow streets of the city, taste chocolate, macaroon biscuits and prepare ourselves for the afternoon task.

The afternoon task was a combination of learning and entertainment. There was an organized tour to the Citadel – the historical object of Namur. The historic touch gave us the rest what we deserved. The guide told us about the history of the Citadel.
It was interesting and certainly in English. The excursion route brought us deep underground in the passageways and rooms that were used by the army in antiquity.

We travelled around the Citadel in carriages and listened to the audio story after visiting the Citadel underground. The Citadel is separated from the city centre by ten minutes’ walk on foot.

This is proved because after the tour we went back to the BEATS project venue where delicious dinner had been prepared for us.

Well, of course, we should mention that Peter from Brugge organized beer tasting at a local pub on Thursday night. It was an opportunity to get to know each other better in an informal environment.

Latvia team: Marika Strauss, Ingrīda Kalniņa, Helēna Gaile, Ginta Berģe and Signe Ostrovska