Mobility to Estonia and Latvia: Day Three

This was our last day in Estonia and we visited two really interesting places in the morning.
Firstly, we visited Minna Sahver, a small company which produces a wonderful delicious homemade marmalade.
After that, we went to Puraviku Smithy, a really old forge. This metal workshop, located in an ancient windmill, is where two friendly men work and they showed us how they make different objects: they made a nail and also coins especially for us, which we could buy.

Time for lunch! An old restaurant in the middle of the nowhere, surrounded by beautiful snowy landscape, with tasteful food and a warm fireplace.

Afterwards, we had the last walk with our really delightful, endearing and funny Estonian hostesses.
Time to travel to Latvia! We had a comfortable trip on our wonderful bus with our super bus driver and his powerful Russian hat. 

The landscape during the trip was beautiful and we had the chance to make one stop in a popular viewpoint in Latvia to take some photos of the breathtaking sunset at Pludmale, a beach with its sand covered with snow and ice.
We arrived in Riga and we went to our cosy hotel in its fantastic location in the old quarter. We managed to check in very fast thanks to the hotel staff's efficiency.

Then we all went with Signe, the Latvian coordinator, to Alius Lingua, the host institution, where we had the warmest welcome as Ginta and the rest of the Latvian team were waiting for us. They had a tasty dinner and marvellous wines and other drinks ready for us to enjoy.
We had some free time for sightseeing or sharing with the locals their modern pubs until later than midnight with live music inside, and the following day another full day with a good and complete agenda was waiting for us.

That’s all, folks!!!!

The Spanish Beats Team (Cris, Débora and Héctor)