Mobility to Estonia and Latvia: Day four

Thursday 01/03/2018

Led by our Latvian hosts, we visited some historical places in Riga. We were very impressed by the Lutheran cathedral with the biggest organs in this part of Europe and with the pavement heating, something that cannot be seen in Mediterranean churches.

We visited the Institute of anthropology where we were quite impressed by the digital equipment that is used for student's practising.

Afterwards, we visited the City Hall where the municipal PR specialist gave us a real tour. It was interesting to sit in the city council members chairs, to enter the municipal chappel (!) and to meet the municipal pets-two cats, actually living in the City Hall (!!)

After lunch we spent the afternoon in workshops, practising the presentation skills on real examples of Latvian companies. 

What we liked the most is that the teams were made of participants from different countries so we could exchange our multicultural customs and approaches, which was most useful.

The Croatian team (Ivan, Vesna and Vinko)