Mobility to Estonia and Latvia: Day One

Sunday 25th February

We arrived at 4 p.m at Tallinn airport and we waited for the other delegations. Then we went by bus to Rapla where the Estonian team offered us a warm welcome with traditional food, music and dance. We went to our guest house where we will stay few days.

Monday 26th February

We started the day with a breakfast at 8.00 a.m. Then, we went to the Estonian Unemployement Insurance Fund. There, we had a presentation from a Eures representative. She gave us a general feedback about our CV and gave us some advice. She is also going to send us a personal feedback about our CV in the coming weeks. She talked about the Estonian employment situation.
After lunch, we met a business consultant. He gave a presentation about the digitalization of Estonia. Like e-parking,e-Voting, self-driver bus, e-prescription,etc. We were very impressed by all this technology and by the fact that in Estonia it takes only a few minutes to create a company. We asked many questions about the digitalization.
In the evening, we had a traditional meal and experienced the Estonian Sauna.

The Belgian team from Namur

Concentrated students in the CV workshop in Rapla