Impressions of the visit to Estonia and Latvia, by Jean-Pascal from Namur

Thanks to the Beats project program, I had the opportunity to work and meet students from various countries such as Spain, Estonia, Latvia and Croatia. The project took place in Estonia and Latvia. We did several different workshops, from a presentation of myself to a fake job interviews that took place in the university of Riga. 

That interview was previously prepared in our Beats class (that takes places twice a month each Saturday afternoon at ESA). Moreover, these classes are preparing us to face the professional world in English. 

We have workshops such as improving our PowerPoint presentation skills, how to make a good cv, talking about our strengths and weaknesses in the framework of a job interview, etc. As for our English CV we used the Europass website. During our trip in the 2 Baltic states, we visited different companies such as Pipedrive, Telia and small companies like a blacksmith and a candy factory. 

Furthermore, we had cultural activities throughout our trip, we visited the Latvian parliament, a part of the university of Riga, the historical centre of Tallinn, etc. We tried the local food and beverage via the local coordinators.

Jean-Pascal M.