Impressions of the visit to Estonia and Latvia, by Wendie from Namur

This year, we had the opportunity to participate in the BEATS Project and travel to Estonia and Latvia.

In Rapla (Estonia), we had the chance to visit many companies as Pipedrive, Work in Estonia, Minna Sahver, and many others. What struck me the most in those companies was their business culture. For instance, flexible working hours are standard, employees can come whenever they want to work, even at night. As soon as their work is done they can go back home.

In Latvia, we had the opportunity to visit the University of Riga. There, we were interviewed by the HR Department regarding the CV we prepared during the year and in Estonia. It was a great experience as we had some feedback that will help us for sure in our future prospects.

The BEATS Project allowed us to use our English skills and enabled us to dive into professional world for a few days.

Wendie Mazy