Visit to Gijón by the Belgian Team

Yesterday we went to Gijón. Some of us went by car with Andrea. The others took the train. The meeting point in Gijon was the San Pedro church, which was built just after the second world war.

Then Andrea took us to the highest point of Gijón. There you have a monument. Andrea told us that the shape of the monument allows you to see the best- known star sciences. On the monument that we found there, we left post-its with a personal message. After a long walk we went to the beach and enjoyed the sun while eating our picnic lunch.

There you can find the ruins of a natural “health” spa from the last century. We tested the water but it was way too cold to swim. While sightseeing we saw a Christmas tree made out of cider bottles.

Thanks to Andrea we had a wonderful time in Gijón. We love to thank her for being our tour guide.

After the visit to Gijón we had some duties to fulfill. We had a training about the do’s and don’ts of a business E-mail. An how to write a good cv.

We finished the day with a beautiful but most of all delicious farewell dinner.

The Belgian Team