Day 2 in Mieres Mobility: Visit to Valnal贸n and Mining Museum

(by the Estonian team)
Another amazing day. 馃槉
In the morning, we went to Langreo to visit the business support centre in the Valnal贸n industrial district. The managing director and the tutor of the Entrepreneur Education programme gave us an overview of the centre's activities and opportunities. 
After that, we learnt how to use the Canvas business model. We worked in groups on our start-up ideas. The people from Valnal贸n gave us some useful feedback. 
Our abundant lunch was served at the restaurant El Yantar d'Aldea. 
In the afternoon, we drove to the Mining Museum. The emotions during the underground mine tour ranged from excitement to claustrophobia... 
Thanks to Cristina, we had a good chance to learn to know more about the rich local culture at the end of the day. 
The Estonian team is very thankful for the wonderful opportunity to participate in the BEATS project! It not only develops our English skills but gives us opportunities to meet interesting people, learn to know about different cultures, and improves our competitiveness on the international labour market.
Best regards, 

Ilvi , Triin, Katrin and Gerli