BEATS Mobility in Mieres: First day

(by José Ramón Fernández Baizán)

Nobody in their right mind would look directly to the sun. Except BEATS team. They have never been afraid of getting blind.
The first day of the mobility began missing Maria, the Spanish coordinator, who was at home because of an unfortunate accident that broke her ankle, and the Croatian team, who had missed their connection in Lisbon. On top of that, the beginning of the day was not very promising: no Internet connection, problems with the audio and video system… Nothing seemed to be working properly.

José Ramón presenting the Spanish team
Eventually, after hard and effective work, activities began… almost on time. And the morning was totally productive. Great!
Later on, after lunch (we needed to recover the energy we used in the morning), a nice walk through Mieres took us to the school. And then, everything was in the right direction. So we could enjoy our coffee break.
The visit of other students gave us new views and ideas about the projects we’re going to to present in the activity that takes place on Tuesday morning. And eventually, after a long (and productive) day. A great dinner is waiting for us.

When the wind blows against us that is when you must give the best of you. And today was a windy day for us. Cooperating, acting as a team and giving everything from you… there are no frontiers.
Well done BEATERS!